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How Do Alligators Mate. Alligators do not have vocal cords so instead, they use water to emulate the sounds of a grunt by sucking up the water and then blowing it out. Alligators are sexually reproducing animals, whereby male alligators and female alligators breed to produce offspring, and mating takes place in the water.

Alligators. Mating? YouTube
Alligators. Mating? YouTube from

American alligators reproduce sexually and are oviparous, that is, lay eggs. Rarely, an alligator will chase or attack a human instead. Another interesting factoid on how do crocodiles and alligators mate is that the male’s penis is almost completely covered by his body hair.

Alligators. Mating? YouTube

If an alligator chases you, run as quickly as you can in a straight line—don’t zigzag, as this won’t help and can slow you down. The nest’s temperature determines the offspring’s gender. This is an average lifespan, meaning that some alligators will die much younger—and some will live to be much older! Mating for the alligator takes place in may, and up to 90 eggs are laid within a few months.