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How Do Boomerangs Work. Tim lee explains how a boomerang gets its amazing returning property. When you have set your grip on the boomerang and you.

How does a boomerang work? Quora
How does a boomerang work? Quora from

This is a simplified explanation, but it hits the important points: A returning boomerang is designed to return to the thrower. As it flies, the lift produced on the inner facing face, pulls it toward the center of a large circle just like gravity pulls the orbiting moon toward the earth as it tries to fly past.

How does a boomerang work? Quora

The wings of the boomerang are in the shape of an airfoil (like an airplane’s wings). A boomerang can execute its unique roundtrip flight by making use of three fundamental physics principles: The return is caused by the slight variation in wind speed between the two wing pieces. A boomerang has two wings that are joined together in a ‘v’ shape;