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How Do Crocodiles Mate. They also eat dogs, so don’t let yours get close anywhere near a place where crocodiles live. The male is probably going to do one of three things, said billabong sanctuary's ranger rick, who has been supervising the sanctuary's saltwater crocodile breeding program.

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This is a rare look at crocodiles mating in their natural habitat. Sometimes a crocodile will try to attack a lion cub and lionesses may kill that croc. They particularly enjoy eating a snake or a fish (for them, it can be considered as some kind of appetizer), deer, baby elephants, cows, carrion, gazelles, wild boar, buffaloes and kangaroos.

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Nile crocodiles live in freshwater swamps, rivers, lakes, and other watery places. American alligators reproduce sexually and are oviparous, that is, lay eggs. At what age do crocodiles mate and reproduce? L'accoppiamento reale tra un maschio adulto e una femmina adulta avviene sempre in acqua e coinvolge la fecondazione interna delle uova della femmina dallo sperma del maschio.