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How Do Glaciers Move. Most of the world’s glaciers exist in the polar regions, in areas like greenland, the canadian arctic, and antarctica. At the bottom of the glacier, ice can slide over bedrock or shear subglacial sediments.

Geography Glaciers Level 1 activity for kids
Geography Glaciers Level 1 activity for kids from

But glaciers are also pushed by the pressure behind them: These are transported downhill as the glacier moves downhill. Glaciers move towards their own slope in the same direction melted water flows off of them.

Geography Glaciers Level 1 activity for kids

A glacier flows in two ways: Basal sliding is when the entire glacier slides together over the bedrock, aided by the lubrication of ice water between the glacier and ground. The water may result from glacial melt driven by pressure of the overlying ice, or from water working its way through glacier cracks to the base. The ice at the bottom of a glacier is not clean but usually has bits of rock, sediment, and debris.