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How Do Hummingbirds Sleep. This is how hummingbirds survive cold nights. While they are awake their heart can beat at up to 1200 beats per minute.

How do hummingbirds sleep? Geeky Camel
How do hummingbirds sleep? Geeky Camel from

Unlike most other animals, hummingbirds don’t take long to settle in. While they are in a state of torpor, this slows right down to. The “do hummingbirds eat at night” is a question that has been asked for years.

How do hummingbirds sleep? Geeky Camel

Hummingbirds are starting to prepare to sleep about a few moments before the sky turn dark and nighttime is approaching. This is a really deep sleep. Hummingbird sleep is actually hummingbird torpor, a hibernation like state that allows hummingbirds to conserve energy by slowing down their metabolism, heartbeat, and respiration rate at night; Their body temperature will drop to the point.