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How Do I Breathe Lyrics. I can feel the magic floating in the air / being with you gets me that way / i watch the sunlight dance across your face and i've /. How do i breathe, yeah?

Mario How Do I Breathe [Lyrics] 🎵 YouTube
Mario How Do I Breathe [Lyrics] 🎵 YouTube from

When your love brought me to the light where do i go? I should've brought my love home, girl and baby, i ain't perfect, you know the grind has got a tight hold girl, come back to me 'cause girl, you made it hard to breathe when you're not with me tell me, how do i breathe? [verse:] i can't get over you no, (ooooh) baby i don't wanna let go.

Mario How Do I Breathe [Lyrics] 🎵 YouTube

How do i breathe lyrics: How do i breathe without you here by my side? Feels so different being here. How do i breathe mmm mmm.