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How Do Octopus Mate. During mating, the male approaches the female, who fends him off for a while, but then accepts him. A female will mate with(obviously) a male, she will then lay her eggs in a den.

Mating Octopuses photo Ellen Muller photos at
Mating Octopuses photo Ellen Muller photos at from

When octopuses reproduced, the male uses a specialized arm called a hectocotylus to transfer spermatophores (packets of sperm) from the terminal organ of the reproductive tract (the cephalopod penis) into the female's mantle cavity. Typically, males die within months after mating, while females watch over their eggs until they hatch and then die shortly after. Death is inevitable for male octopuses once they’ve mated because they stop feeding, they become uncoordinated, often attracting predators in the wild, and they lose the ability to heal their skin.

Mating Octopuses photo Ellen Muller photos at

Males die within a few months of mating. A small male larger pacific striped octopus stalks its prey. There are about 100 species, with the largest reaching up to 30 feet from tentacle tip to tentacle. A female octopus will only mate once.