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How Do Pendulums Work. Pendulums work so well because they move through air, which has very little friction. I'll explain all this and more about the pendulum.

How Does A Pendulum Clock Work? » Science ABC
How Does A Pendulum Clock Work? » Science ABC from

When held properly, the pendulum will react to very small nerve reactions in your fingers that are generated by your unconscious mind in response to a question poised. This causes the pendulum to respond by the way that it swings. Take a deep breath and focus.

How Does A Pendulum Clock Work? » Science ABC

You are given 2 pendulum zones on your field to activate these monsters as spell cards. They can be summoned as monsters to attack or defend, or you can activate them as spell cards in your pendulum zones to activate extra special abilities and allow you to pendulum summon. It’s important that you set the right intention if you’re going to use a pendulum. While you have 2 pendulum monsters, you can pendulum summon monsters whose level are between the scales.