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How Do Sponges Feed. Sponges are filter feeders, therefore their diet is simple. Sponges feed by straining food particles from water.

PPT Invertebrates and Vertebrates PowerPoint
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What do sponges consume and how do they do it? Sponge larvae (young) settle on one hard surface and then live their lives attached to that surface, unable to move around to seek food or avoid predators. Water driven through collar of chaonocytes where other food particles are trapped.

PPT Invertebrates and Vertebrates PowerPoint

Sponges are very efficient at removing food particles from water. Sponges are animals that feed by filtering small organic particles from the surrounding water. The larvae of some species cling to the surface of the sponge while others take refuge in the sponge's internal cavities. Water current enters through porocytes the body of the sponges is covered externally by pinacoderm which is the.