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How Do Turtles Breathe. However, during hibernation turtles do breathe through their butts. Ventilation of the lungs (breathing) is achieved by movements of the muscles attached to the.

How Do Turtles Breathe? TurtleHolic
How Do Turtles Breathe? TurtleHolic from

The trachea divides into two bronchi when it reaches the. Normally, turtles breathe through their nose. As you know by now, turtles breathe air with their external nares.

How Do Turtles Breathe? TurtleHolic

From there the air passes through the glottis and into the trachea. Technically the term is cloacal respiration, and it’s not so much breathing as just diffusing oxygen in and carbon dioxide out, but the fact remains: While some turtles have breaths for 30 minutes, others like sea turtles stay underwater for hours without coming out to take a breath. From here, the inhaled air goes into the trachea through the glottis.