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How Do Waterfalls Form. A meander gets cut off. What causes waterfalls to form?

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A river's own chaotic nature can mold the bedrock beneath it and spontaneously create a waterfall, researchers. A plunge pool forms at the base of the waterfall and over time the overhanging rock collapses into it. Waterfalls usually form in the upper reaches of a river where a layer of hard rock overlies a layer of soft rock.

PPT “WATERFALLS” PowerPoint Presentation ID5565008

In this geography lesson from darron gedge, learn why waterfalls form. Many waterfalls are formed at the edge of a slope that was part of a river. Formation of a waterfall the river flows over bands of less resistant (softer) and resistant (harder) rocks. The water erosion will cause the soft rock to get steeper, which causes even more erosion, which causes the soft rock layers to eventually become vertical, forming a waterfall.