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How To Do A Lat Spread. There are variations of all of these we will discuss. How to flex lats method 1 method 1 of 3:

front lat spreads part 1 YouTube
front lat spreads part 1 YouTube from

In order to have lat flare you must first develop lats and herein lays the problem for many. Learn how to isolate your lats when flexing. Spread your lats during a front pose.

front lat spreads part 1 YouTube

Adding variation to your poses. How to do a front lat spread pose ifbb pro samson dauda shows you how to perfect your mandatory front lat spread pose for bodybuilding and classic physique competitions. Cut rice and fruits from my diet plan, upped cardio slightly and working more isolated movements into each body part.right shoulder is still tweaked so i can't go as heavy as usual. How to do a lat spread | 1.) shoulder blades up and back | 2.) tuck your thumbs below your lat or at the top.